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China Supplier 1g to 125g Powerful Calcium Chloride Desiccant Packs Absorber Mositure
China supplier 1g to 125g powerful calcium chloride desiccant packs absorber moisture Calcium chloride desiccant is an environmentally friendly, food grade disposable desiccant. Its high absorption rate 300% (RH ≥ 90%), efficiently reducing the relative h
Silica Gel Anti-oil Food Desiccant
Anti-oil type food desiccant was special designed for absorbing moisture in rich oil contained foods. Its main ingredient is high quality silica gel beads with strong moisture adsorption ability
1000 Gram Super Dry Pack Desiccant with Hooks for Container Shipping Cargo Safe
Excellent quality ocean container desiccant bag 1000g supplier Introduction During the container shipment and storage, the great temperature difference between day and night made the gas-rich air temperature supersaturated, which was locked in the contain
Lemon Type Activated Carbon Refigerator Odor Absorber
1. keep fridge fresh freezer ball is made of 100% eco-friendly natural materials, free of chemical components. 2. Eliminates most unpleasant odors and harmful gases (Sick Building Syndrome) without any chemical reaction. 3. 3 Year Lifetime Guaranteed 4. M
Strong Absorbing Ability 700 Gram Continuous Strip Activated Charcoal Deodorizer for Car/auto
Strong absorbing ability 700 gram continuous strip activated charcoal deodorizer for car/auto Product description Activated charcoal car deodorizer main content is modified activated carbon. It has a large pore diameter and strong absorption ability, can
China Manufacturer Good Quality Silica Gel Packet/ Pouch/packs
China manufacturer good quality silica gel packet/ pouch/packs Introduction Chunwang silica-gel is a high-activity absorbing material in the form of granules or spheres of various sizes.Its chemical name is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). It is odorless, tasteles
Made in China Supplier Medical Grade 1g Silica Gel Desiccant Canister
Made in China supplier medical grade 1g silica gel desiccant canister Introduction Medicines, foods, dietary supplement can be easily decomposed or dissolved, distributing odors, what's worse, the efficacy of the pharmaceuticals get reduced. · Chunwan
GMP,RoHS,DMF Free 1gram, 3gram Pharmaceutical Desiccant Capsules Supplier
GMP,RoHs,DMF Free 1gram, 3gram pharmaceutical desiccant capsules supplier Introduction Silica gel capsules are primarily used in the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries in order to extend the shelf life of their products by minimizing the
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